in content classic grid


Ultimate Photography Theme includes an optimized version of the Ultimate Gird Pro WordPress Plugin. this plugin allows to create unlimited, filterable / sortable multimedia portfolios in a grid layout, product swhowcase, image galleries with unlimited possibilities. It includes four grid types dynamicclassic, masonry and flexible that allow to display various multimedia content in a highly customizable way.

This grid can be added in content in a page or a post as it can be seen here or used in fullscreen as it can be seen in the demo page in this example fullscreen classic grid,

Some of UGP features include:

  • responsive and fluidwidth layouts.
  • adjustable rows / columns.
  • adjustable thumbnails geometry and styling.
  • single or multiple categories selection.
  • lazy loading with load more button or infinite scroll.
  • unlimited categories and each category can have unlimited content.
  • single or multiple filterable categories.
  • optional menu and search.
  • custom made multimedia lightbox that supports image, video, audio, youtube, vimeo, iframe.
  • much more …




In this page just two examples are showcased but please note that as it can be seen in the demo page and throughout the theme demo page the possibilities with this grid are very high, the grid is extremely customizable and allows to be customized to the bone making sure that it will satisfy even the most prolific photographer.