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Ultimate Photography Theme includes four optimized plugins that can be used in post, pages or portfolio. Please note that this plugins were specially optimized to fit the feel and look of this theme, also if you like you can see the entire list of features and examples in their demo pages. The possibilities with this plugins are endless, there can be added as many instances as needed and each instance can have it’s own settings.

Ultimate Video Player is the ultimate video player, it offers an insane amount of features and allows to add videos easily in your posts, pages or portfolio.

Infinite Grid Pro is an unique multimedia grid that allows to add unlimited images and drag them infinitely on one or two axis.

Simple Image Slider Carousel is an unique slider with some really nice features like infinite loop or maximize image.

Vertical Ultimate Grid Pro is a multimedia grid that allows to create vertical dynamic, masonry, classic or flexible multimedia grids.

[fwduvp preset_id="2" playlist_id="0"]
 [fwduvp preset_id="2" playlist_id="0"]  
Ultimate Video Player with preset id 3 does not exist!